Hey.... well it's just the middle of January, give or take a jelly donut, and I think it's high time we started thinking about favorite springtime activities.... namely, pulling our hamstrings.

Right.... with Maurice polishing up his scoreboard as I write this...it's just a matter of time before our all-star crew is reaching for the nearest fistful of ibuprofen and 55 gallon drum of Ben-Gay.

So, before we break out the gloves and start that 2 hour search for our lucky hat, lets take a quick look at things we can do to avoid serious injury.... Firstly, and I think a good number of us have already figured this out....   we can sit home and miss the entire game....

Right!  surely there's nothing like practicing abstinence and/or "safe softball" to avoid serious injury... and now, with  the plethora of assorted video baseball games, there is absolutely no reason to miss out on some serious competition while still managing to stay glued to the couch all Sunday morning....

And with advanced options now available on X-box, you can set your game up so only 5 people show up and  yer forced to play half-field.... just like the real thing!! But hey, that's going to last only so long....and if your spouse sees this continuing, you'll soon find yourself doing other mundane morning activities like  sorting the laundry....or worse yet, actually doing the laundry....

......and that's when you make the right decision,  put on your sneakers, grab your gear and head right to the deli for a cold six pack....only to remember that you can't buy beer before 12:00...and now you're really stuck....and you find yourself drawn to our exotic world of  softball for the physically stagnant....

In my next column....  I'll guide you thru the proper stretching exercises that will insure that you'll at least get through the game and be able to walk into "First Med" on your own!

Published on January 6, 2002.
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