September 30, 2018
Eight is not enough
by Maurice Novelle

Well, a bit disappointed with attendance to say the least. We were expecting a decent crowd but only a few diehards reported: John, Jeremy, Artie, Little Joe, Efrain, Juan, Kenny, Mike R and the writer. Obviously not enough players for a game. Hopefully this coming Sunday things turn around otherwise we’ll have to wrap it up for the year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

September 23, 2018
Sticks dominate
by Maurice Novelle

The first day of fall began with a bang with the Sticks blanking the Joes in yesterday’s abbreviated double header 10-0 and 4-0. The threat of rain discouraged some of the folks who decided last minute to stay home instead leaving the rest of the team stranded. With ten guys only we had to resort again to a half of the field format.

On attendance were John, Mike Y, Big Joe, Dave W, Little Joe, Efrain, Juan, Arun, Kenny and the writer.  

See you guys next week! 

September 16, 2018
Joes Beat Sticks 10-5
by Maurice Novelle

2018 has been an unusual season with recurrent game cancellations because of the inclement weather. It seems that every weekend has been ruined by rain. This Sunday finally we were able to enjoy some nice weather but attendance was disappointing, only eleven players showed up.

Due to the low turnout we played half of the field, five against five, with Big Joe volunteering to play first base for both teams. The player of the game was Xavier driving in several runs and making a couple of nice running catches in the outfield.

On attendance were Mike Y, Pedro, Mike W, Arun, Little Joe, Big Joe, John, Rob, Xavier, Artie and the writer.

See you guys next week!

September 9, 2018
Game rained out

August 26, 2018
Round Robin was "Faust'astico"
by Maurice Novelle

With only twelve guys showing up we had no choice but to play a round robin. We were forced to pause in the middle of the game for thirty minutes so the tractor could finish mowing the high grass.

Roque protégé, Fausto, put on a show hitting some massive shots, one of them a three-run ruthian blast that bounced off the tree tops that would make Super Diablo jealous. At the end Artie's team came ahead defeating the writer and Big Joe squads 13-11-0 respectively.

In attendance were Kenny, Will, Dave B, Fausto, Artie, Roque, Adrian, Big Joe, John, Naren, Mauricio and the writer.

See you guys next week!

August 8, 2018
Only half a dozen
by Maurice Novelle

We were expecting a decent turnout based on Whoozin attendance report but several guys who RSVP "yes" bailed out last minute, a bit disappointing to say the least. After trenching the infield to get rid of large puddle by home plate we took some batting practice.

In attendance were Little Joe, Artie, Kenny, Roque, Mike Y and the writer.
See you guys next week!

July 4, 2018
Happy Fourth!
by Maurice Novelle

It has been a subpar season so far. Low attendance and bad weather have been the contributing factors. Last week for instance Little Joe reports that there was no game because only nine players made it to the field. We expect things to turn around... let's play ball!

As we celebrate today Independence Day, let's enjoy the blessings of freedom and let's remember to do our part and work hard to appreciate it. Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each brave men and women who died protecting it. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Another Light Turnout
by Little Joe Marra

There isn't much to report. Despite the fact that it was the first Sunday of summer only ten players managed to make it to the field. We eked out a five on five half of field game with Artie's team winning 8-6. Very disappointing and worrisome. Let's not let WP Softball fade away, we've worked hard to make this happen for over 20 years and there should be more good years ahead. It's up to you guys.

In attendance- Artie, Kenny, Doug, Lance, John, Nick, Jimmy, Pedro and Mike Y. in their season's debut, and yours truly.

Sunday, June 17, 2018
Good Luck, Joe!
by Little Joe Marra

Windsor Park Softball took a little time before the game to say goodbye to last year's MVP Joe Torres. Joe is heading to North Carolina next week to begin a new phase in his life as he furthers his career in pediatric medicine. He's an excellent ballplayer and a fine young man and we all wish him and his bride the best of luck.

As for the main event, well, we got in a 6 inning game as Father's Day and other things forced several players to leave early. Big Joe subbed for Mo who's still on the DL but his team fell to the Bazooka Joe's 8-2.  There was an interesting array of players on hand, almost like Old Timers Day which happened to be going on at Yankee Stadium that same day.

Mike W and Tony made their season debuts. Efrain, after a long absence was there along with his friend Juan, Danny and Kenny arrived with their sons Andrew and Doug respectively for a Father's Day outing. Doug was a onetime regular with WP so it was good to see him again. Roque came with Leo and nephew Fausto who made jaws drop with a homer that rivaled Aaron Judge for launch speed. Arun, Noah, John and myself were there as usual. The biggest surprise was the arrival of Jeff after about a year and a half recuperating from back injuries. He claimed to not be 100% and then went out and pitched an excellent game. He said he'll make every attempt to come more regularly. Great seeing him again as well.

The cold weather is finally behind us so let me urge you guys again to respond to the attendance survey and make the effort to come out and play.

Sunday, June 3, 2018
Walk-ins Welcome
by Little Joe Marra

Fortunately WP Softball has always had a policy of letting regular players bring guests, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to put together an 8 on 7 doubleheader on Sunday. Nick brought a friend, Jimmy and others were accompanied by family members: Roque came with his nephew, Fausto, Joe Torres arrived with his father, Tony and his niece, Serenity, old friend Danny showed up and brought along his son, Andrew; and of course Artie and Mauricio were both on hand. The only solo acts were John, Noah, Lance and yours truly.

Game results? Artie once again captained and pitched great and led his team to a sweep,9-7 and 4-1. Incidentally, we played on our old location, Field 12. Field 11 was unplayable with the infield grass at knee height although the outfield was mowed; hard to figure. And there was a fishing pond around home plate. Field 12 was bone dry unlike past years. You have to be a geologist to understand how this can happen.

Attendance has been light. That's partly due to weather, one can suppose, but yesterday was just fine. Let's see if we can up our attendance and our responses to Whoozin.

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Game rained out

Sunday, May 20, 2018
Game canceled: unplayable field

Sunday, May 13, 2018
Happy Mother's Day!
by Maurice Novelle

So far this year mother nature has been merciless. It has been alike a Monsoon season with non stop rain and we've been forced to cancel several games early on. Today for instance Big Joe reports that the condition of the field was terrible, flooded and just unplayable. Let's hope next week the weather cooperates.

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Game canceled due to expected low attendance

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Game rained out

Sunday, April 15 & 22, 2018
WP Softball Gets Underway
by Little Joe Marra

With our commissioner, Maurice, out with a bad shoulder and the weather overcast and chilly, Windsor Park's April 15th season opener was less than ideal. Eleven intrepid players showed up and played a 6 on 5, half field game. Artie captained and pitched against the writer and his team in a 9 inning contest.

Yours truly was shelled for 19 runs despite the cold weather with homers by Noah and Matsui and an inside the park job by Artie. Final score 19-6. On hand, besides the already mentioned players, were Roque, Joe Torres, Phil, Mike R.,Todd, John, and Nick. As I said, less than ideal, but it felt good to start the season and get some innings in.

April 22nd game was a little closer to normal with clear skies and milder temperatures. Fourteen guys played to a doubleheader split, the Joe's taking the opener 12-6 and the Sticks, with Artie acting as captain once more, winning the 2nd game 17-5. A much slimmer Big Joe pitched both games and collected a bunch of hits, and took an extra base or two on the sleeping defense.

The star of the game was Noah's new bat. It had the right feel for players from both teams, from both sides of the plate with singles, doubles and triples zipping out to all fields. Ironically, Noah seemed to have the least success with it.

In attendance: Joe Torres, John, Phil, Big Joe, Dave W., Artie, Roque, Mauricio, Kenny, Noah, Dave B., Todd, Arun and Little Joe. See you next time.

Sunday, April 8, 2018
Game cancelled

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